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    Sunday Morning MTB ride (23rd August)



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    Sunday Morning MTB ride (23rd August)

    Post  nburke on Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:54 am

    Apologies, but I haven't had time to plan a route where to go this Sunday. Very much depends on who turns up and what the feeling is for where to go, I hope that that is alright. There will inevitably be a coffee stop somewhere and that is likely to be Peaslake or Devils Punchbowl or Frensham.

    Ride Summary:
    Meeting Place: Godalming train Station
    Timing: 9am
    Duration: 4hours
    Difficulty: Blue
    Ascent: Bound to be a few climbs
    Tea Stop: almost certainly
    Average Speed/Pace Style: 8mph
    Distance: 25miles
    Route: Unsure
    Ride Organiser: Nick Burke


    The keys below are relative to the types of ride that the club does and distances covered within the duration will be affected by the terrain, ascent, weather and ability of the group.

    Short - Up to 2 hours
    Medium - 2-3 hours
    Long - 3-4 hours
    Mini-epic - 4-5 hours
    Epic - 5+ hours

    Green/Easy - Rides with very low risk, but may include short, more difficult sections. Shallow climbs and descents.
    Blue/Moderate - Some loose surfaces, ruts, potholes and or tree roots. Shallow or moderate climbs, possibly including short sections of steeper climbs.
    Red/Difficult - Unavoidable berms, boardwalks, large stones, moderate steps and drop offs. Cambers, water crossings and 'North Shore' may be present. A wide range of steeper, tougher climbs and descents of a challenging nature.
    Black/Severe - Unavoidable obstacles with large steps and drop-offs. There will be prolonged steep, loose and rocky surfaces. Some man made structures will be included. Can include exposed open hill sections. Any rideable or usable gradient, including steep loose, and rocky descents.

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