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    By-way maintenance - PunchBowl area


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    By-way maintenance - PunchBowl area

    Post  On_One_Ti_456 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:17 pm

    The by-way between Ridgeway Farm and Pitlands Farm is closed this week (24-28th Aug) for 'maintenance'. This is the one with the rocky steps as you head from Ridgeway Farm down to the stream at the bottom, followed by the steep climb out to Pitlands Farm. I presume the 'maintenance' will mean that the steps will be removed and the trail flattened to make it easier to drive/ride up?

    They've also flattened the short section here.

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    Re: By-way maintenance - PunchBowl area

    Post  Mark on Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:11 am

    hmm. mixed feelings about that! i have nothingto aspire to now! I dreamed of one day being able to ride that cleanly (like Lee!)

    It'll be cos of the 4x4 crowd trashing it I guess - Were you on that ride acouple of years ago when we saw 3 guys moving the rocks around to try and support the wheels of their 4x4 that they were trying to get up it!? It looks like peak time for them at the mo. I'm seeing loads of bits of broken lights and bumpers strewn around.

    reminds me of that article in the latest Singletrack where that bloke moans about 'improvements' to his local bridleway. Has to be done sometimes though..

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