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    Minimizing Injuries


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    Minimizing Injuries

    Post  RobM on Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:44 am

    Here's my top tips:

    Basically, avoid stressing cold muscle/tissue, and stretch. And don’t run on pavements. Oh, and eat well. So;

    Pre-ride decision based on ambient temperature, on whether or not to cover knees and possibly calves too: so shorts, or ¾ knickers, or full-length - lined or unlined, again according to temperature. On very cold/damp days I use a hot balm on my knees

    Graduated warm-up before high-intensity efforts

    Post-ride stretching routine

    Post-ride recovery drink to help body repair (e.g. ZV3 )

    Night-time recovery drink after especially hard and long days (e.g. ZV5 )

    General good diet especially of oily fish – omega3 tablets etc don’t do the same job. Also daily fresh veg/fruit blah blah blah. Minimum bread as its inflammatory.

    Finally, consider a professional bike-fit session, with particular attention to cleat position and saddle layback. Such as at( or )

    Then, be lucky!

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